A Travelling Tangle Tile with Aida Rico, CZT

Hi and welcome back to the Chrissie Murphy Designs Blog. Today, finally, I have my Travelling Tangle Tile with Aida Rico, CZT to share with you. I’ve had this tile finished for a while, but I didn’t want to share it without being able to honour Aida in a Blog Post. This week I finally got the blog post written!! (I apologise for the delay Aida). Let’s get into it, so I can share this experience with you.

My Travelling Tangle Tile with Aida Rico, CZT

What is a Travelling Tangle?

A travelling tangle is where I tangle on one part of a tile and then send it to someone else. The other person does the same thing for me. And then we finish each other’s tiles.

So this Travelling Tangle Tile is with Aida Rico, CZT from Spain. Aida’s Instagram profile is @tinta_y_tangle if you want to visit and check out her account (which I highly recommend).

What Aida sent me

What did Aida send me?

Aida sent me not one, but two travelling tangle tiles, so keep an eye out for the other Travelling Tangle Post in the future.

Both tiles were very different. The one I’m sharing today is a technique I’ve wanted to explore for a while. A knotted star frame and I was so excited when Aida sent one!

Aida’s knotted star frame has been so neatly drawn and coloured. It is perfect as it is! It has this gorgeous linework that I am reluctant to cross or touch! And the colours are blocked and not graduated, adding to the strength of the frame.

It’s these musings that helped me decide how I was going to finish Aida’s tile.

Aida’s Knotted Star Frame

So what approach did I take to finish the Travelling Tangle Tile?

Aida’s tile and knotted star frame was so neat and precise, I felt it commanded respect.

As I tangled, I gave it the respect it deserved by ensuring no line I made, touched it or crossed it. Any mark I made maintained a respectful aura’d distance.

I wanted Aida to see how much I admired the beauty of her knotted star frame by reflecting it in the way I tangled.

My Travelling Tangle Tile with Aida Rico, CZT

I continued with the geometrical look by using square and triangular straight lined fragments, and contrasted it with a circular pattern in the centre. Purely as a focus.

Aida’s knotted star frame held the colour in its strong blocking. I didn’t attempt to add to it. Instead I worked to compliment it and showcase it by using only white and black.

I think I’ve been able to finish this Travelling Tangle Tile with Aida Rico, CZT in a way that really honours her original knotted star frame. I hope you like it Aida.

My Travelling Tangle Tile with Aida Rico, CZT

What tools did I use for this Travelling Tangles Tile?

I used the following tools to finish Aida’s tile:

  • Signo uniball gel pens in Black and White
  • Graphite pencil
  • White chalk pencil
  • Copic Grey Marker W5
  • Tortillon

What size is our Travelling Tangle Tile?

It measures 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches

My Travelling Tangle Tile with Aida Rico, CZT

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Until next time, listen to your heart and sharpen your coloured pencils. A masterpiece awaits!

Bless you my friend

Chrissie xx

3 thoughts on “A Travelling Tangle Tile with Aida Rico, CZT

  1. I love this tile!!! It seems so balances that It looks like if It was made entirely by the same person. It reflects the love you have put on It! I Hope you have enjoyed It!!!

    I owe you yours!!!

    1. Chrissie Murphy Designs May 10, 2022 — 7:31 pm

      Oh Aida, I’m so pleased. I meant every word I wrote, thank you so much for this experience. That’s one down, and I have one more of yours to go 😘💛

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