Tangle Index Time Session 12 Wrap Up

Hi and welcome back to the Chrissie Murphy Designs Blog. On Monday were back on Zoom for Tangle Index Time Session 12. It was another small gathering with only five of us this week. In case you missed it, here’s the wrap up post that contains all the links of the patterns we focused on, as well as a screen recording. Let’s get into it.

Tangle Index Time Session 12
Tangle Index Time Session 12

What is Tangle Index Time?

On social media I’ve shared pics and posts about working on my Tangle Index quite regularly. When I do, I always receive lots of comments and messages about it. The main theme of the messages is “I would love to own a tangle index but I struggle to find the time”.

This (in a nutshell) is what the Tangle Index Time Zoom Events are all about. If you’ve been wanting to work on a Tangle Index and have been struggling to find the time to do so, then these events are for you!

Happening each week, these one hour live events are a place where we can meet and work on our Tangle Indexes together. I’ll be continuing to add to mine, and thought we could all work together to build our own.

Tangle Index Time

Do I need special supplies?

All you will need is your regular tangling supplies and whatever you would like to use for your Tangle Index. I use an A4 three-ring binder with 2in x 2in square coin collector sheets because these fit Zentangle Bijou tiles perfectly.

But you can use whatever you like. A notebook, index cards and a box, a display folder…. They will all work.

I have found with Tangle Indexes, the most important thing you need is time to dedicate to working on it. That’s what these hours are about.

Is there a Tangle Index Time Live Event Schedule?

Yes, there surely is. Here is the Zoom Event Schedule for November.

Tangle Index Time Zoom Event Schedule for November
Tangle Index Time Zoom Event Schedule for November

Is there a Facebook Group for Tangle Index Time?

Yes, there most certainly is. The Home for Expressive’s Facebook Group will keep you up to date with;

  • The Tangle Index Time live event schedule
  • Tangle Index Time Wrap Up posts
  • Progress pics from other Expressive’s who are participating in Tangle Index Time.

You can join by clicking the link here to my Home for Expressive’s Facebook Group.

Home for the Expressive Facebook Group

The Timezone doesn’t work for me. Is there a recording I can watch later?

Yes there is. Since moving to Zoom I have been able to screen record. Please head to this link and use this Passcode:


This was my second time screen recording and I feel I made some small improvements since my first Zoom meeting. But there’s still heaps of room for improvement. I will be focusing on improving in this area going forward.

If you would like to contribute toward my annual Zoom Subscription Costs, please visit my virtual tip jar. Any contribution you make in this area will be very appreciated.

Tangle Index Time Session 12
Tangle Index Time Session 12

What we focused on for Tangle Index Time Session 12?

This was another week where a theme presented itself as we worked. It became evident that this weeks tangle patterns were ‘simple’. They were easy strokes, often repeated, and they produced some of the most wonderful patterns.

Flying Geese blew me away with its dimension when we added shading. It was so great to see this as it happened. Here’s the breakdown of what we covered.

1 x Focal pattern – Floria by Bunny Wright, CZT

1x Leaf Pattern – Binx by Carla Jooren, CZT

1 x Grid Pattern – Flying Geese by Suzanne McNeill, CZT

1x Ribbon Pattern – Flevo by Mariët Lustenhouwer


1 x Filler – Zghetti by Nancy Garcia, CZT

1x Enhancer – Colour Your String

1 x String – String 012 by Barbara Finwall

Here’s some of the progress pics from those who came along on Monday night. Well done to all involved! More awesome tangling!!

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Bless you my friend

Chrissie xx

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