A Travelling Tangle Tile with Marina Dali, CZT

Hi and welcome back to the Chrissie Murphy Designs Blog. Today, I have a Travelling Tangle Tile with Marina Dali, CZT to share with you. I’ve really loved working on Marina’s tile, so let’s get into it, and I will share this experience with you.

Travelling Tangle Tile with Marina Dali, CZT

What is a Travelling Tangle?

A travelling tangle is where I tangle on one part of a tile and then send it to someone else. The other person does the same thing for me. And then we finish each other’s tiles. Check out this one I completed recently.

So this Travelling Tangle Tile is with Marina Dali, CZT from Germany. Marina’s Instagram profile is @dali.marina.crabdesign.czt if you want to visit and check out her account (which I highly recommend).

What Marina sent me

What did Marina send me?

I think the question should be, what did Marina not send me! Marina sent me so much! I was really touched by all she included in her little package. It was all so very beautiful.

There were a few ATC’s, a page to complete for her friendship book and there was more than one Travelling Tangle Tile. I was amazed at Marina’s generosity.

Everything was so wonderfully coloured, and it has been a real blessing to see Marina’s use of colour in real life. I was immediately drawn to the Travelling Tangle Tile she sent that contained her signature pattern called “Crab Swirl” running down one side of it.

I felt I wanted to begin with this tile, and create something that built cohesively upon what she started.

Marina’s Travelling Tangle Tile

So what approach did I take to finish the Travelling Tangle Tile with Marina Dali, CZT?

One thing I noticed was the way Marina shaded and highlighted her tile. I could see no evidence of the use of a grey marker or watercolour brush pen to apply shadow. It appeared as though all Marina had used was a graphite pencil, and I wanted to ensure I followed her lead.

Her highlighting was also minimal, with some white gel pen applied to the peaks of Crab Swirl only. Again, I wanted to follow her lead and do the same.

Travelling Tangle Tile with Marina Dali, CZT

It was important to me that the patterns I used contrasted well with Marina’s. I wanted there to be clear definition between the patterns, but at the same time, they needed to harmonise with each other.

I began with applying some Hollibaugh-like lines that I applied a slight 3D effect to. The straight edge of these lines looked fantastic against the curves of Marina’s pattern. The tile was completed by complimenting Marina’s curves with Calibree, a filler pattern I’ve really grown to like.

I followed Marina’s lead for shading using only graphite. And I loved working on the distinction between us by applying a white gel line around the edge of my tangling, just as Marina had. All in all, I think our tile looks amazing.

Travelling Tangle Tile with Marina Dali, CZT

What tools did I use for this Travelling Tangles Tile?

I used the following tools to finish Marina’s tile:

  • Signo uniball gel pens in Black and White
  • Graphite pencil
  • White chalk pencil
  • Tortillon

What size is our Travelling Tangle Tile?

It measures 11.8 cm in diameter.

Travelling Tangle Tile with Marina Dali, CZT

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Until next time, listen to your heart and sharpen your coloured pencils. A masterpiece awaits!

Bless you my friend

Chrissie xx

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