Learning the Delft Blue Technique

Hi and welcome back to the Chrissie Murphy Designs Blog. Lately I have been deliberately trying to learn new techniques and ways of doing things. I recently purchased Tangle Studio Stefanie’s Delft Blue Peacock Class and I loved it. You know what I always say…. These experiences are too precious not to capture in a blog post. So todays post is all about it. Let’s get into it.

Delft Blue Peacock class with Tangle Studio Stefanie

What is the Delft Blue Technique?

You’ve probably seen this delft blue kind of look on some types of porcelain or crockery. Well Stefanie van Leeuwen, CZT of Tangle Studio Stefanie has deconstructed this look and applied it for use on a Zendala.

Stefanie is very knowledgeable about Delft Blue and she explains its history quite well in her class. I believe her knowledge of this art form and her admiration for it, has enabled her to deconstruct such a fantastic technique for use in tangling. I could feel Stefanie’s passion for it in her class.

An on demand class is available at Stefanie’s website. Just head here if you’d like to learn more and purchase the class for yourself. I highly recommend it.

Some work in progress on Tangle Studio Stefanie’s class

Why the Delft Blue Peacock class?

When I’ve been deciding on classes to purchase, I consider three things;

  1. Is it a technique I’ve never tried before?
  2. Does it use supplies I’ve never tried before?
  3. Does it look like it would be too hard or difficult for me?

I actively want to be stretched and taken out of my comfort zone as an artist. So I believe these three areas will lead me to the best opportunities for growth. The Delft Blue Peacock class met my criteria as it’s a technique I hadn’t tried before.

Delft Blue Peacock class with Tangle Studio Stefanie

What has it done for me?

Stefanie has enabled me to see an elegance in monochromatic colouring.

The Delft Blue technique plays with different shades of blue and where I once thought singular tone was boring, I now see a beauty that is absolutely stunning and remarkably elegant.

This is the second class I’ve taken of Stefanie’s. My first was her class in Baroque Scrollwork (and it was just as amazing!).

Ornamental Scrolls – a lesson on Baroque Scrollwork by TangleStudioStefanie

I share this because I believe Stefanie’s classes ooze elegance. Bringing elegance into our tangling is not something that comes easy, but Stefanie has a way of teaching it that is simply amazing.

Elegance is defined as “the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.” This is a wonderful quality to bring into our tangling, and that’s what Stefanie’s classes have taught me.

If you’d like to bring an elegance into your tangling, I recommend taking a class with Stefanie as a way to begin.

Delft Blue Peacock class with Tangle Studio Stefanie

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Until next time, listen to your heart and sharpen your coloured pencils. A masterpiece awaits!

Bless you my friend

Chrissie xx

3 thoughts on “Learning the Delft Blue Technique

  1. Your considerations for picking classes is very clever, I’m gonna keep that in mind. The tiles you madefrom both classes look amazing. Thank you for sharing this. It’s always great tot read reviews bv efore buying classes.

    1. Chrissie Murphy Designs August 10, 2022 — 11:38 am

      Thanks so much Paula. I love to capture my experiences with tangling. My memory is not the best and it’s always good to go back and read what I thought from the time I did something 😃

  2. What a beautifully written blogpost about my Delft Blue class! Thank you so much for your very kind words about the class, my teaching and love for Delft Blue. It means a lot to me! I am happy to hear the class met your criteria. You made a gorgeous Delft Blue Zendala and I love your touch with the flowers on the back of the Peacock!

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