Making a Handmade Journal for Zentangle Project Pack 1

Hi and welcome back to the Chrissie Murphy Designs Blog. I know I wrapped up Project Pack 1 a few weeks ago, but I’ve had a problem with where to store it since. I haven’t been able to find a display folder that fits the tiles, so I thought I’d make my own Handmade Journal for Zentangle Project Pack 1. Today’s blog post is all about this, so let’s get into it.

Assembling the pages

I wanted to give each of the Zentangle Project Pack 1 tiles their own page in the journal. This is what I would have preferred if I had of found a display album to suit, so it was important my handmade journal followed suit.

Stencilling pages

I used some double sided tape to attach tile to its page. Each page was then stencilled with contrasting ink and the edges of each page were dusted with a brown distress ink.

A stencilled journal page

My Handmade Journal cover

Project Pack 1 celebrated the release of white gel pens from Sakura. It focused heavily on using white ink on black tiles and I was drawn to it for this reason.

Assembling the Handmade Journal

I wanted this to be the focus of the front page of my handmade journal as well. I chose to write the title of my handmade journal in white ink on a black tile. This was attached with double sided tape to a chipboard cover I decorated with black and white acrylic paint

Making the Handmade Journal cover

I used stencils and a paint roller to dot the cover with black paint and then I splattered some white paint over the top for contrast.

Lastly, the covers, both front and back were dusted with brown distress ink to give them the vintage look I love.

How did I bind my Handmade Journal?

When I visited my local dollar store I found some lovely black ribbon that I thought would be perfect for binding. There was also this gorgeous black and silver ribbon that I thought would be perfect for accenting and I used it on the cover .

Binding the Handmade Journal

I used my Cinch machine by We R Memory Keepers to create the binding holes for my journal. And then I bound the cover and pages using the black ribbon I mentioned above.

The perfect fit

If you’re like me and you’re struggling to find an album to house your tiles, I suggest having a go at making your own. I think this Handmade Journal is the perfect home for a Project Pack. I know it’s an approach I’ll be taking more often to display mine.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

My Handmade Journal for Zentangle Project Pack 1

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