Sunday afternoon Yintangles Group – Christmas Tangling

Hi and welcome back to the Chrissie Murphy Designs Blog. I thought I’d share another Sunday Afternoon Yintangles Group tile. On 21 November, 2021, Yvonne Rein CZT lead our little group in some Christmas Tangling. I absolutely loved it, so let’s have a deeper look at it today.

Yvonne began by showing us some examples she had created. The tiles she had made were added as features to some Christmas cards she was working on. They were absolutely beautiful and she did a wonderful job of firing up our inspiration meters. We were eager to get in to the Christmas tangling.

Sunday Afternoon Yintangles – Christmas Tangling

Christmas tangling how?

Yvonne began by sharing the basic structure of the Christmas tile with us.

Considering we were working on black, our foundational linework was in white pastel pencil. Yvonne showed us how three lines formed the hilled landscape and three triangles formed the trees.

The lines could be any shape we desired and the triangles for trees could be placed anywhere. This was the basis for our Christmas tangling. You can see I opted for more.

Sunday Afternoon Yintangles – Christmas Tangling

So what patterns did we use for Christmas tangling?

Yvonne gave us some tangle ideas that she had discovered worked well. We were also encouraged to come up with our own ideas.

In the class we used

  • Onamato
  • Dewd (with an aura)
  • There was a third tangle we used, but I can’t remember the name of it!

I also thought Diva Dance worked well for a tree, so I incorporated it. I also tangled a small tree in Flux, and another one in Printempts. Just because…..

Sunday Afternoon Yintangles – Christmas Tangling

What tools did we use for the Christmas Tangling?

This class recommended using a black tile, so I did. I used a 6in x 6in Strathmore Artist Tile in Black.

The class also recommended using white pencils and gel pens. I used a White Pitt Pastel Pencil for the white shading and a White Signo Uniball for the linework. If you look closely, you’ll see a hint of green in the hills. I also used my pastels to bring in some soft green shading to the hilltops. Believe it or not, I used my finger to blend the shading here 🤪

On the trees themselves, I used Kaisercraft Opaque Gel Pens in green and red, just for some sparkly interest. As well as a gold Signo Uniball for a little extra Christmas shimmer.

Sunday Afternoon Yintangles – Christmas Tangling

What does it mean in terms of my artistic work as a whole?

I’ve joined two of the Yintangles Sunday Afternoon Classes now. What I am loving is the difference of the things I’m learning. Let me explain….

I’ve been tangling for a while now, and I’ve settled into my own pattern and way of doing things. I notice that even when I say I’m trying something new, it still turns out looking like everything else I create. It’s like I can’t really break away from me even if I try to plan it.

But these classes aren’t like that. They guide me in creating something I would never normally choose to do, and in doing so, break me out of my own mould! I love it!

You know, learning someone else’s way of doing things is so good for us. It expands us and grows us as artists. We become better for it. I am loving Yvonne’s Sunday afternoon Yintangles class and Yvonne’s teaching for this reason.

Some of us Sunday afternoon Yintanglers

How can you take this idea and be more Expressive?

Are you stuck in your own way of doing things like I have been?

There’s an artist who lives in Melbourne, Australia called Tash Sultana. Tash’s single “Jungle (Live Bedroom Recording)” has had over 125 million views on YouTube. Here’s a link to it if you’ve never seen it.

Tash is a loop pedal artist. Loop pedal artists record and playback of a piece of music in real-time using appropriate equipment, and then build on the initial loop to create layered pieces of music.

Right at the start of Tash’s video is the initial recorded loop. If Tash had never added to that loop, the song would have gotten pretty boring, pretty quickly. Instead Tash expanded it, played with it, added to it and teased it out.

Getting stuck with one way of doing things is like being in that initial loop. If we don’t play with it, add to it, expand it or tease it out like Tash did, we’ll never know how truly beautiful our art can be.

I love the Yintangles group for this reason. They help me add to my tangling. I’ve learned to play with things, tease out the tiles and expand what I do. If you don’t have something like this in your expressive life, I’d encourage to you to contact me.

Sunday Afternoon Yintangles – Christmas Tangling

Want to be more Expressive?

Join the Expressive’s List to begin to learn ways you can start to express yourself creatively. With the Lord there are no moulds or limits, just possibilities, and the promise of unearthing who you were created to be.

Expressive Subscribers receive an email each month that contains creative inspiration and ideas, links to helpful resources and a month’s worth of journal prompts to stimulate creative expression. These prompts are a great way of learning to express yourself when you’ve never really tried it before. Fill in your details below to sign up.

Until next time, listen to your heart and sharpen your coloured pencils. A masterpiece awaits!

Bless you my friend

Chrissie xx

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