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Hi and welcome back to another week on the Chrissie Murphy Designs Blog. In the July Talking Tangles Newsletter I shared about my intention to create a Tangle Index. For a while now I’ve used OneNote (a Microsoft application) to Index and manage tangle patterns. It’s functional, but it’s not beautiful! I have seen some amazing Tangle Indexes over the years, and I really wanted to create something similar, something that’s tangible. I believe tangling is an incredibly beautiful art form, and I wanted to make a Tangle Index that honours that beauty. Today I’m sharing the first of my progress posts about this long term project. So let’s begin this Tangle Index Project Update.

Bijou Tiles for making my Tangle Index

Yep, I needed to get some stuff!

I wanted to work with Bijou tiles as many of the indexes I’ve seen (and loved) have been created with Bijou tiles. I already had a tin of Bijou tiles I bought about 5 years ago and I’d only used 2, so I was all set to begin making my tangle seed tiles.

Having said that, I had nothing to put them in for reference. I’ve seen a few different ways of organising. From hole punching and storing them all on a ring clip, to Bitty-Booking, but the option I prefer is to display sheets of them in a binder. And I had no display sheets, so I needed to buy some.

Coin Collector Sheets

Many of the binder display indexes I’ve seen use coin collector sheets or slide protector sheets to hold the tangle seed tiles. I actually found these easy to source, but it was difficult to find the right size. I could find 2cm x 2cm sheets everywhere, but 2in x 2in sheets was a bit harder. After much searching and reaching out to friends, I ended up finding a supplier through eBay and I placed an order. The picture above is from the Listing by The Dumpty Store.

White 3 Ring Binder

And I had no binder. I knew I wanted a yellow binder, and if I couldn’t find a yellow one, white was my second choice. My hubby headed to Officeworks and he was able to find me a white 3 ring binder. There were no yellow ones available that day. So white it was and now I’m actually pleased I have white instead of yellow because of the way I made my cover.

Making a Tangle Index cover

I wanted to create a cover for my Tangle Index that looked beautiful, because tangling is beautiful. And I still wanted there to be a heavy yellow focus, because I love yellow!

Yes, I could have sat down and tangled a cover, but instead I chose to head over to Canva and make myself a cover using a template. This way I could use a picture of a Tangle Tile I love, and I chose the Tangled Trio of Tissoooh Tile. There’s something about the way I photographed this tile that I really like.

My Tangle Index Cover

Once I’d finished it, I saved the template to my photo gallery and headed to the photo kiosk at KMart. I printed it out as a 10” x 8” photo and then attached it to a piece of A4 paper to be inserted into my binder as the cover image. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.

Displaying the Seed Tiles

Next up I started categorising the seed tiles I’d completed into categories. As I’ve really only just started this project, I haven’t completed many seed tiles, but I’ve been able to create a Leaf Tangles category, Blossom Tangles, Fillers and Lattice (aka grid based) Tangles. As I create more seed tiles, I will need to add more categories, but so far so good.

Blossom Zentangle Pattern Seed TilesLattice Zentangle Pattern Seed TilesFiller Zentangle Pattern Seed TilesLeaf Zentangle Pattern Seed Tiles

And that’s all I have for this long term Tangle Index Project Update. I’ll have more project updates in the future so you can see how things are progressing. And if you have a Tangle Index, and I haven’t seen it, I’d love to see some photos. Tag me in them so I can see your beautiful creations.

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Until next week, connect with the Creator, let Him inspire you. His magnificence and beauty is everywhere, even in art and craft.

Bless you my friend

Chrissie xx

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