Magnified Fragments Project Part 1

Hi and welcome back to the Chrissie Murphy Designs Blog. After one year, the Magnified Fragments Project Part 1 is finally complete! There has been 49 weeks of tangling, featuring 20 different artists from over 12 different countries. It has been glorious to see this Project evolve to become something that’s truly remarkable. Today I’m going to look back over the project and wrap up what we achieved. Let’s get into it.

The Magnified Fragments Project Part 1

What is the Magnified Fragments Project Part 1?

It’s the biggest zentangle project I have ever undertaken! For Part 1 of the Project, we focused on working our way through every square fragment in the Zentangle Collection of Reticula and Fragments book, putting them under the microscope to magnify them.

We worked through the square fragments in this book

Each week we also used a Zentangle Enhancer to thoroughly explore different enhancement techniques in depth. We covered some amazing techniques over the last year. You can see what we covered in the flyer for Part 1 which available later in this post.

There are 49 fragments in the book, so the project was 49 weeks in length (give or take a week or two for holidays etc).

What was I hoping to achieve with the Magnified Fragments Project Part 1?

By undertaking this project, I was praying that other Tangly Enthusiasts would be encouraged and invigorated. I hoped to be able to develop a fresh interest in fragments and enhancers by visiting techniques that may not have been used in a while.

I wanted to build a gallery of fragments that would showcase the glory of God through the unique creative expression that dwells in each of us.

And I think we did that. Check out the gallery to see for yourself. Although the framework that guided each fragment was the same, the end results were uniquely different. No two fragments were the same.

This is the wonder of unity and the beauty of Zentangle Art. Creative expression was definitely on display giving glory to God!

The Magnified Fragments Project Part 1

What did others think about the Magnified Fragments Project Part 1?

I received some wonderful feedback from many of the artists who were involved in Part 1 of the Project. Here’s some of their thoughts and comments on finishing the project.

It was a pleasure to join Chrissie, week after week, on her project “Magnified Fragments”. I learned a lot about fragments, techniques and tangles. Her blog has been very useful to clear up the doubts that have arisen. Thank you very much Chrissie.

Josefina Rey

I am not a constant person. If a year ago someone had told me that I was going to do this challenge, without giving up, I would not have believed it. However, this challenge is very affordable, being a task per week, and it is so varied that it is impossible not to follow it. It hooks you! In addition, Chrissie’s comments are always motivating and encourage you to continue week after week. I love seeing how we create such different tiles from a common base!!! I really want to start with phase 2!!!

Aida Rico, CZT

Your #magnifiedfragments proposal is great because it’s simple and affordable, because it brings me closer to the fragments in a way that is not usual. I LOVE having to play with a different enhancer every week, some of the ones that I use regularly, many that I don’t use so much and others that I didn’t even know about and that wouldn’t even have occurred to me… and if I have doubts, always find the answers (or inspiration) in your blog, it’s so great! And you, always leaving constructive comments, delving into what you have appreciated and that sometimes I myself had not realized, always in a good mood, always making me smile, you have become a weekly injection of positive energy, you do not know how much I appreciate this! And, as always, seeing where others have come from the same starting point is interesting and enriching.

Carmen Menchon Galiana
The Magnified Fragments Project Part 1 by Evelyn Torres

This adventure journey began on 14/07/21. Thanks Chrissie for this trajectory. I enjoyed it. I learned to get creative in mics with all I did with these stains, which I adore. I enjoy staining, and although the Zentangle is black and white, it’s always good to colour your life.

Evelyn Torres

The Media was interested too

The Cairns Post is a major News Corporation newspaper in Far North Queensland, Australia. It exclusively serves the Cairns and greater local region. It has daily coverage on local, state, national and world news, plus a wide range of sections and liftouts covering health, beauty, cars and lifestyle.

An article appeared in the Saturday edition of the Weekend Post on Saturday 09 July, 2022 titled “Artist Goes Global with Project”. It spoke of the global impact the Magnified Fragments Project had had.

The Cairns Post – Saturday 09 July 2022

The Wet Tropic Times is a more localised paper reporting on local events, local political groups, schools, and local clubs. They cover news in Far North Queensland, from Babinda to Tully, Mission Beach to Ingham.

An article appeared in the Friday edition of the Wet Tropic Times on Friday 08 July, 2022 titled “Local Artist Creates International Art Gallery to Showcase Fragments ”. It also spoke of the global impact the Magnified Fragments Project had had.

The Wet Tropics Times – Friday 08 July 2022

This has been great coverage for the project showing the public are genuinely interested in Zentangle Art and its beauty. I think this is awesome!

But I didn’t get to participate in the Magnified Fragments Project Part 1. Can I still join?

Yes, you surely can. One of the wonderful things about this project has been it’s flexibility. You have always been able to join in at any time, and you still can.

Click on through to download yourself a copy of the Magnified Fragments Project Part 1 Flyer which identifies each enhancer we used for each fragment.

The fragments are available in Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas’ Zentangle Collection of Reticula and Fragments book and can also be found on the Musterquelle website.

The Magnified Fragments Project Part 1

What’s next?

Magnified Fragments Part 2 kicks off tomorrow night and we are looking at triangular fragments. At last count, there were 73 of them, so we have got a significant body of work ahead of us. I hope you’ll join us.

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Until next time, listen to your heart and sharpen your coloured pencils. A masterpiece awaits!

Bless you my friend

Chrissie xx

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