My time at the Yintangles Zentangle Seminar 2021

Hi and welcome back to the Chrissie Murphy Designs Blog. Something different today. I’m sharing about my time at the Yintangles Zentangle Seminar. It was the first Zentangle Seminar I’ve ever been to, so I don’t want to miss the opportunity to document this special time by blogging about it.

Me at the Yintangles Zentangle Seminar

Some facts about the inaugural Yintangles Zentangle Seminar

The Yintangles Zentangle Seminar was put on by Yvonne Rein, CZT. It was held in Cairns from 30 Sep to 2 Oct 2021 at the Cairns Colonial Club Resort.

It was Australia’s first Zentangle®️ seminar with the support of many CZT’s nationwide. There were about 12 of us who attended live, and another 30-40 or so who attended via Zoom.

What we did…

I was only able to attend the Meet and Greet on Thursday night and Day 1 of the Yintangles Zentangle Seminar. I had to head home on Day 2 for another function.

So during Day 1, we had 5 classes;

1 with Rick and Maria Thomas, the founders of Zentangle

Class 1 with Rick and Maria

1 with Yvonne Rein CZT on the foundations of Zentangle

Class 2 with Yvonne Rein, CZT

3 with Michele Beauchamp, CZT which included working with blue on grey for Crazy Cadence, a Marasu focused tile, and a Mooka focused tile that intertwined with a circle of Diva Dance.

Class 3 with Michele Beauchamp, CZT
Class 4 with Michele Beauchamp, CZT
And Class 5 with Michele Beauchamp, CZT

We also had a Show and Tell Session after dinner, that included working on a small tile for Day 1 of Inktober.

It was after all of this, that I headed home.

My favourite moment…

There were so many awesome moments, but for me, there were two that were distinct.

My Number One Yintangles Zentangle Seminar Moment

Seeing Tegan Rein, Yvonne Rein and Michele Beauchamp’s Zentangle Journals.

These journals were so special. They were beautiful records of their times zentangling. I was truly inspired (like never before)!

I have decided I’d like to make one of my own and thought it would be the perfect way to honour the Magnified Fragments Project. It’s a great way to capture all the fragments I’ve created I think.

I bought one journal there, and will be picking up another one soon. I’d love to capture the Yintangles Zentangle Seminar in one of these journals as well.

My Number Two Yintangles Zentangle Seminar Moment

Sitting next to my Zentangle Hero Michele Beauchamp to do the classes!

One of my favourite moments, tangling with Michele Beauchamp, CZT

I got to see how tangling oozes from Michele. I was able to witness those long glorious curves and sparkles she is so known for, take shape before my very eyes. And I saw how she can produce absolute beauty from an absolute minimum of tools.

I will never forget this moment. My next Snapfish order will contain multiple prints of the picture I’ve captured here! I want to be able to see it everywhere I work!

My favourite class!

I loved the foundation class with Yvonne Rein, CZT. Yvonne took us back to the beginnings of Zentangle. We were introduced to it again, as though we’d never done it.

The foundations of Zentangle class with Yvonne Rein, CZT
The foundations of Zentangle class with Yvonne Rein, CZT

It’s been nearly a decade since I looked at the foundations of tangling. Going back to the four simple tangles of Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Printemps and Florz was a true delight. It highlighted where I’ve grown, but just as importantly, it highlighted where I’ve become complacent.

This class was such a great exercise! I think I will commemorate it by doing a foundation tile at this time every year.

What blew my mind…

Oh my goodness! Rick and Maria! That blew my mind. Watching Maria pull apart Cadence and add to it in various ways was incredible!

Rick and Maria at the Yintangles Zentangle Seminar

The tangleations she came up with and the way she thinks, had my creative mind coming completely undone! I was absolutely mesmerised.

Mealtimes were fun

Sharing meals together each day was a real treat. There was so much great conversation.

Mealtimes were fun at the Yintangles Zentangle Seminar

My favourite meal was breakfast with Sue Zanker, where I got to know her more intimately. I was thrilled to learn Sue is a calligrapher, and even more thrilled to see some of her work. She is an outstanding artist! This was just one more moment where I couldn’t believe how blessed I’d been by the whole experience.

Brekkie time with Sue Zanker at the Yintangles Zentangle Seminar

I mean, why wouldn’t I meet an outstanding calligrapher? Why wouldn’t I learn from Rick and Maria? Why wouldn’t I sit next to my Zentangle hero to tangle? All of this happened! I just can’t believe the outpouring of blessing I received.

I’m grateful…

I am so grateful to Yvonne Rein, CZT and her family for what they’ve been able to organise. The Yintangles Zentangle Seminar was such a blessing to so many of us in the Australian Zentangle community. Friendships were formed and solidified that weekend. I know I will forever be grateful.

Thank you Yvonne, Tegan and Mike.

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Until next time, listen to your heart and sharpen your coloured pencils. A masterpiece awaits!

Bless you my friend

Chrissie xx

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