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Hi and welcome back to the Chrissie Murphy Designs Blog. Last week I shared that throughout this year my perspective has changed as my priorities have shifted. If you missed the post, you can catch up on it here. I also mentioned that in moving forward, when I post, it would be to share some insider and work in progress pics of recently finished work. I won’t be sticking to a schedule. It will be low budget, no fuss, quick posts as they happen, because you can’t schedule expression. So here is the first of those types of posts. Here are some Grateful Cards I recently finished.

Sending cards

As I shared last week I lost someone I loved this year. It’s caused me to pause and admit I tend to take things for granted. I’ve been shown that I’m not guaranteed a tomorrow, so taking things (and people) for granted is senseless.

The better position of heart is to be grateful, to count my blessings and to truly appreciate what I have, while I have it. This is where I feel I need to focus and expressing it has become a priority for me. These Grateful Cards are one of the ways I’m doing it.

I began with watercolour

There is nothing too complex here. I used my Distress Inks to stain some translucent colour onto three plain white cards. I also stained the back flaps of the matching envelopes too. Then I waited for them to dry

Staining cards and envelopes with watercolour

Next I embossed

The decorative strip down the side of each card was done with my DIY Cuts machine by Kaisercraft.

I selected a couple of different embossing folders to get varied effects.

This is the card after it was run through the machine

And this is where I have enhanced the embossing by adding more ink and some watercolour.

Stamping Grateful

For the sentiment, I opted to use the “Fleur” clear stamp set by Kaisercraft. I also applied ink in some complimentary colours when it came time to stamp each card.

By default I often choose contrasting ink (like a black) to stamp sentiments, but I was seeking a softer approach for these cards. The complimentary ink worked well in this instance.

The Grateful Cards

Here are the finished Grateful Cards… such simple beauty I think.

Sealed with wax

After writing my grateful messages in each card, I addressed them and sealed the envelopes with hot wax. 

There’s something truly special about wax sealing. I believe it adds a layer of intention and totality to a letter. It tells the recipient that even the final moments of writing their letter were intentional.

Once a seal is applied, there’s no turning back, so the totality, the volume of all that’s been spoken is complete.  The seal signifies this.  How special is that!

Christmas is next

Next on my priority calendar is Christmas and all the joy it can provide.  Over these next few weeks I will make, wrap and give.  I’m so excited!

The Lord gives each of us gifts, and it’s such a joy to use what I’ve been given to love others with.

Over the years I’ve shared about the creativity that dwells within my family. I have a strong heritage of creativity, craftsmanship and generosity that goes back generations. I’ve been reflecting on how as a child, I was never given a store bought gift by my grandparents. Every gift was handmade and looking back, it’s become something I treasure. I’m wanting, where possible, to do the same. So these next few weeks have captured my imagination and my vision. I will be expressing it by what I create.

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Until next time, listen to your heart and sharpen your coloured pencils. A masterpiece awaits!

Bless you my friend

Chrissie xx

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