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Hi and welcome back to the Chrissie Murphy Designs Blog. We’ve been focusing on Flux (a tangle pattern originally deconstructed by Zentangle®) for the last month, and this blog post is the final piece in our study. Our month long Focus on Flux is finished, and today’s post will be a quick wrap up of all we’ve covered, so let’s get it underway.

Stencilled Flux Combo

The July Newsletter

The prompt to Focus on Flux was given in my July Newsletter. I shared the step out for Flux (by Zentangle®) and advised we would be spending the next month focusing on it. Each month we focus on a tangle pattern, pull it apart and then play with all we’ve discovered as we’ve studied it.

I’ve been keen to share pictures of your journey focusing on our monthly tangles too. Here on the blog, in my newsletters and on Facebook and Instagram stories is where I want to share your work, but more importantly, I need to know about it!

To help you out, I set up hashtags for the monthly focus – this last month we’ve used #CMDFocusOnFlux – I monitor them and as soon as you share your latest pics using the hashtag, I can see them and will be able to reshare with everyone too. So I encourage you to join in and share your beautiful creations.

The August newsletter will have the next tangle we’re focusing on, and I’ll set a hashtag up for it too. So keep an eye on your inbox, cause next month’s newsletter will be out soon.

Week One of Focus on Flux – Tangleations

I love Tangleations!! I love what is unearthed in this exploratory space. Personally speaking, I believe that experimenting is where creativity thrives and Tangleations make way for it. They are freaking awesome!! Tangleations cause you to think differently, because you are looking at the pattern in its original form and you’re seeing how many ways you can alter it.

Here’s my Flux Tangleations

Flux Tangleations

And here’s one submitted by Jem Miller that I love where she hollowed out the interior of Flux. Such a great Tangleation Jem.

Artwork by Jem Miller - Focus on Flux Tangleations

I hadn’t planned on doing this, but after Week One on Tangleations, I couldn’t resist creating a tile using one of them, and below is the Stencilled Flux Tangleation Tile I created. You can read about it here.

Stencilled Flux Tangleation

Week Two of Focus on Flux – Enhancers and Embellishments

I really loved this exercise of beautifying Flux. That’s how I think of Enhancers and Embellishments, I see them as ways to beautify a tangle pattern. And again there were enhancements that I really loved. Here’s what I came up with.

Flux Enhancers and Embellishments

After Week Two I created a tile again, using one of the Enhancers and Embellishments, it’s pictured below and you can read about it here.

Stencilled Flux Enhancer Zentangle Tile

I’m thinking that creating a tile each week as part of the focus might really be worth it. I found it narrowed my focus even further on the pattern. This is what we are really seeking to do with the monthly focus, so I will be implementing this formally next month.

Week Three of Focus on Flux – Colour Techniques

What joy is was to play with colour for Flux. It’s such a great pattern to colour, but an even better pattern to multicolour! Here’s my Colour Techniques.

Focus on Flux Colour Techniques

I loved the rainbow colour treatment but I didn’t go on to create a tile with this technique. Actually, for Week Three I never completed a tile at all. I ended up struggling for time to be able to fit one in.

Week Four of Focus on Flux – The Combination

Week Four always called for a tile to be created using bits of everything we’ve learned. I loved the idea of a mass of Flux, full of Tangleations and Enhancers, mixed with some of it in its originating form. I loved the blue/green colour treatment, and really wanted to keep playing with stencilling. You can read about my Stencilled Flux Combo Tile which is pictured below here.

Stencilled Flux Combo

Your Focus on Flux Creations

This month the only tile I’ve been able to share is Jem’s above. But I can’t tell you how much I wish I was sharing yours here too. Please feel free to message me your tiles, or use the hashtag, whatever is easiest for you. I want to share your beautiful work.

If you are keen to participate in next month’s Focus On, make sure you’re signed up to the Talking Tangles newsletter below. We’ll be kicking off with next month’s Focus soon.

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Until next time, listen to your heart and sharpen your coloured pencils. A masterpiece awaits!

Bless you my friend

Chrissie xx

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