Artist Interview with Daisy-J Flower Crowns

Hi and welcome back to another week on the Chrissie Murphy Designs Blog. It’s Artist Interview time! This month, I am really keen to introduce you to my friend Tanya. Tanya runs an Etsy store called Daisy-J Flower Crowns where she sells a range of flower crowns, floral headbands and floral fascinators. Every piece Tanya makes is one of a kind, and they’re all handmade. Her work is absolutely beautiful, I know you’re going to love it. So let’s get into my Artist Interview with Daisy-J Flower Crowns. 
Artist Interview with Daisy-J Flower Crowns

Welcome Tanya, I’m so excited to have you join me for this month’s Artist Interview. Tell me a bit about your background and how you got into this style of work?  

As a child I always loved arts and crafts and getting creative. Looking back now I guess I was one of those kids that loved making things as gifts, handmade cards, pinecone decorations, coloured sand statues and found it fun and exciting to get the glue gun out and create what some would call junk. Who would have thought that all these years later that i would still love getting that glue gun out…
Flower crowns by Daisy-J Flower Crowns
The flower crown thing came when I was planning my own wedding. As we were getting married in Fiji, I knew that I wanted a flower crown to complete my bridal look. I searched for hours and hours on the internet, google, Etsy, not completing finding what I was after and time poor (and starting to stress out) I ordered one of Etsy. When it arrived I was a little disappointed as it still wasn’t exactly what I had my heart set on, so I searched the boxes that were in storage in the shed and dug out the old glue gun… I got to work in creating the perfect crown….

Where are you located and what sorts of things in your area inspire your craft?

I’m based in sunny, tropical Cairns, in Queensland. Its not hard to be inspired by our beautiful tropics, sunny weather, and glorious greenery. We are so lucky to live in such a diverse area, full of gorgeous colours and exquisite locations. Whether your chasing bright and tropical, simple and chic, boho and greenery, country charm, you will find it all in the Cairns and surrounding areas. 
I also search for inspiration within my travels. I recently just got back from Japan, and the floral kimonos and Japanese beauty will give me lots of inspiration for the years to come. 

You have developed a unique style to your work, what would you say is your favourite piece?

I guess my favourite pieces, and what I’m getting known for, is my side feature crowns. This is where I create a flower crown with a side cluster or side feature having the main arrangement of flowers featured on one side of the crown and sitting perfectly on one side of the head. For some reason this is my go to design and some of my favourite pieces have been of this design.  

What are your favourite and least favourite tools for creating?

My favourite tool I guess comes as no surprise….the glue gun.. It enables me to bring my whole concept and vision to life. It is by far my most used tool, and whether i’m creating a flower crown, floral fascinator or floral headband it allows me to bring it all together. 
Flower crowns by Daisy-J Flower Crowns
My least favourite tool would be florist wire. I’m always cautious when using florist wire to bring the creations to life. Although sometimes necessary, it can be hard to twist and tighten and can have sharp ends that I need to cover carefully. I sometimes find myself wresting and fighting with the florist wire.. it just won’t go where i need it to go…

What has been your greatest triumph as an crafter/designer?

Thinking about this question, I would have to say that my greatest sense of joy and achievement is when I receive photos and messages of thanks from my brides and customers. Seeing the finished product come together with the dress or outfit and the joy on the brides or customers faces in their photos is what makes it all worth while. 
Flower crowns by Daisy-J Flower Crowns
I also get messages from Mum’s saying that their daughters absolutely love their little floral headbands, they want to wear them to school or sleep in them at night. And having repeat customers come back to you year after year for their races headpieces, lets you know your doing something right!
Flower crowns by Daisy-J Flower Crowns

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learnt as an crafter/designer?

I’ve learnt that sometimes less is more… actually most of the time less is more… You need to know when to stop. I feel that sometimes I can get lost in what I’m doing and knowing when to stop and pull it back is the greatest lesson. To be honest I think I’m still learning this lesson, but thats what makes it so exciting. If there is any advice I can give, it would be to not over question it and not to over do it. 

What can we look forward to from you in the future?

I’m sooooo excited.. I have some new creations coming out in the Daisy-J range. They are not flower crowns or floral headbands (in fact you can’t wear them) but more of a fun home decor. Still very floral related and of course my hot glue gun will still be very much involved. 
I love the idea of expanding my little business into new areas, and I think its the perfect time to branch out and include my other love (interior design) and start creating some floral home decor designs for the house and home.
Stay tuned….
And lastly, tell us where we can find you…
Instagram: @daisy_j_flower_crowns 
Flower crowns by Daisy-J Flower Crowns

So that’s a wrap on my Artist Interview with Daisy-J Flower Crowns

One of the biggest goals I had for this blog when I first created it, was to break down some of the mindsets that are out there about creativity. There is this mindset (that’s still quite prevalent today), that claims you’re only creative if you can paint or draw. And this belief saddens me so much. The creative gifting knows no limits. As I’ve said many times before, I firmly believe we are created in the image of the Creator, therefore we are all creator’s! Every single one of us! So everyone IS creative.  
I’ve been so keen to interview Tanya and to share her work with you all because Tanya is not a painter or illustrator. She is an artist who currently specialises in floral head pieces, she is creative. I am consistently blown away by the endless designs she creates, every piece is completely unique, every piece has its own style. Her creative gifting knows no limits. I love that Tanya is increasing her products to include a home decor range soon. It’s evidence of there being no limits to her creative thinking.

So many people believe that being creative is something they’ll never experience… 

But here’s the thing… Tanya found herself in a position where she was under pressure, she needed to think creatively, and by doing so a creative business was born.
“I searched for hours and hours on the internet, google, Etsy, not completing finding what I was after and time poor (and starting to stress out) I ordered one of Etsy. When it arrived I was a little disappointed as it still wasn’t exactly what I had my heart set on, so I searched the boxes that were in storage in the shed and dug out the old glue gun… I got to work in creating the perfect crown….”
There’s that quote that says “necessity is the mother of invention.” When the need for something becomes essential, you are forced to find ways of getting or achieving it. Perhaps finding ways to get and achieve something is what triggers the creative spirit.  

Perhaps creativity is birthed through desire

Have you ever stopped to think that creativity might be birthed through desire? We don’t always desire to create for creations sake, but sometimes, it’s because we desire something else that’s difficult to attain, that we find ourselves in a position of having to think creatively.  
And here’s the best bit… everyone finds themselves in this position at some point in their lives…. absolutely everyone! And you have a choice – Do you have the courage to act on your creative ideas or not? I’m so grateful that Tanya found herself in the position she did and she acted. We get to appreciate her craft, admire the beauty of her work, and better still, adorn ourselves with her creations.  
Flower crowns by Daisy-J Flower Crowns

What’s your stance on creativity?

Or the stance of your friends and family? Are there mindsets around you that need to change? Can you imagine what things would be like if everyone lived out their creative gifting? How dynamic the world would be! I long for it, it’s something the Lord has placed on my heart. More importantly though, I pray you can catch a glimpse of it too. It’s not something I can achieve on my own, it’s something that grows and builds momentum as others join in. Which is exactly what I’m hoping you’ll do…

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Until next time, listen to your heart and sharpen your coloured pencils. A masterpiece awaits!

Bless you my friend

Chrissie xx

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