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  1. Sue Berry

    Your Number 1 is beautiful Chrissie. I envy you living where you do as that’s the type of place I have longed for over the years. I haven’t touched a paint brush in 8 years! A long time. I got too busy looking after Peter. Now I’m alone…..the number 1……sometimes I like to alone, in fact most times I must confess. But being alone isn’t good for anyone as you said. I find I have to push myself to do things, simple things like doing the dishes. Maybe it’s because I’m still in that grieving period….it’s only been 10 weeks…… but I hope to get back into the Art side of things as well as all of the everyday things that need doing.
    Keep up your beautiful work, you have come a long way over the years since you began.
    Love and Blessings
    X X ❤🙏

    • Chrissie Murphy Designs

      Hi Sue
      I think you’re right in that you need time. There is no set timeframe for grief and loss, you just need to take however long it takes. I’d encourage you to hold on to the vision you have about getting back into art. Try to imagine what an afternoon would be like fitting in some time on a piece, imagine the colour palette you might use, how the paint will look as it goes down wet onto the canvas, all creamy, how it smells… hold on to your vision, and in time it will come to fruition for you. Don’t rush yourself, just take those baby steps, one day at a time. Bless you my friend xx

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