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The face of Chrissie Murphy Designs

Hi and welcome friend!  If you’re here, I guess you want to know all about me.  So, let me begin…. My name is Chrissie Murphy and I am a North Queensland based artist, blogger and calligrapher.  I work in watercolour, pen, ink and coloured pencil, however the variety lover in me will always be looking to try something new.

Surprisingly, I first picked up a pen in 2013…

I started repetitive drawing therapy back in 2013 to help aid the healing of symptoms associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  In doing so, I unlocked an incredible passion.  There haven’t been many days that I haven’t had a pen in my hand and my love for all arty things continues to grow.

At my core, is a deep love for my Creator

At my core is a deep love for my Creator and His ability to manifest the beautiful through craftsmanship. I carry a deep longing to honour and remember the work of my forefathers in penmanship and lettering.  I’m also fascinated with symmetry, patterns, florals and colour, rainbow colours.  If I can pack detail into a drawing, I’m going to, as I believe it calls you to explore a piece of art more intensely. These are the foundations of my craft and it’s important to me that I reflect them in all that I create.

I’m online everywhere!

If you’re there, then I’m there…  You see, I get excited when I hear about new techniques and new products, and I love watching some of the amazing things taking shape in the crafting world.  It fires up my creative neurons!  And I want you to be fired up too!

But ultimately, I’m about connecting creative’s to the Creator through the beauty of art and craft.

I am passionate about closing the gap between creative’s and our Creator.  My desire is to help people uncover the true beauty of art and craft!  Why?  Because God is limitless in His creativity and I believe we are created in His image.  As creative’s He is the true source of limitless creativity, and I want to connect you to that.  He made you perfectly.  The unique nuances you have as an artist, He put them there.  That feeling like no one ever truly understands you….. well I’m here to tell you that He does, because He made you.  He wants to connect with you to inspire you creatively.  Buzz Light Year said it best when he declared, “To infinity and beyond.”   That, my friend, is where the Creator wants to take you.
Now you know all about me, come and join me.  Let me connect you to Him.  Let Him inspire you, His magnificence and beauty is everywhere, even in art and craft.

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