All About Me

Studio pic, working on Resonate with the Lord

Hi, I’m Chrissie and I’m a North Queensland based Reflective Artist who uses art to bring Wisdom, Faith and Hope to those who need it.  I use watercolour and zentangling to create small pieces of art that capture the hope I feel the Lord has for us.  

Words from Him are powerful

You see I believe that the Lord has the answer to any issue or need that any of us can face.  With four words He created the world, so I believe words from Him are powerful.  One word from Him can bring revelation to any situation.  People can feel and be bound by all sorts of things, situations and experiences, but one word from the Lord can contain all the power needed to break the hold of these bonds and release true freedom.   The unstructured nature of zentangle art and the free flow form of translucent watercolor, demonstrate the freedom I believe we can find in Him.
When He is allowed into all the areas of our lives to flow freely….
When He is unrestrained and not put into a box to be taken out only on Sunday’s…
He can take what’s before Him…. Us… in our entirety as we were made……
And He can create something truly beautiful with our lives.
I convey this with my art.  It’s this belief that drives my passion to bring wisdom, faith hope to those who need it so true freedom can be experienced.

So while this page may be all about me, my art is all about Him

This is why I create art and this is why I blog. I’m working with Him to help Him create something beautiful with people’s lives.  Join me on Facebook or @ChrissieMurphyDesigns on Instagram as I use art to bring wisdom, faith and hope to those that need it. 
Bless you my friend, I’m so glad you’re here
Chrissie xx

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