All About Me


Studio pic, working on Resonate with the Lord

Hi, I’m Chrissie and I’m a North Queensland based Reflective Artist.  I use mixed media and zentangling to create small pieces of art that change the atmosphere around us.

I believe in the power of Art

I believe in the power of art to create and change atmospheres.  Do you know that what we speak and what we believe becomes evident? It’s like that Proverb, “as a man thinketh, so is he”.  What we think and say has power to change things, particularly the atmosphere around us, and it can do so both negatively and positively.

Every piece I create has the things you’re believing for embedded into its foundations.  It’s then added, and built upon, layer by layer, until the entire piece is saturated.  You become connected to it.  I believe that what I do can help you to change or create the atmosphere you’re seeking.

While this page may be all about me, my art is all about you

The Lord has gifted each of us uniquely, and for me, it’s art.  I’m focused on using my gift to help others instead of keeping it to my self.

  • If there is something you’re battling and you need change in…
  • If there is something you’re hoping for, a desire you wish to see come to fruition….
  • If you want to declare something over yourself….

It can be done with art.  It’s why I create art.

I’m working with Him to help Him create something beautiful with people’s lives.  Join me on Facebook, @ChrissieMurphyDesigns on Instagram, on Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr as I use art to change the atmosphere.

Bless you my friend, I’m so glad you’re here

Chrissie xx

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