About Me

Hi, I’m Chrissie and I’m a North Queensland based Zentangle and Mixed Media Artist who has a passion for seeing people released into creative freedom.

Too much of my life has been spent lost!

I’m not a person who carries a lot of regrets, but one thing I do regret is not discovering who I was created to be much earlier in life. I spent decades trying to fit into boxes and moulds that other people had for me, and in doing so, I wound up unfulfilled, empty and with no real zest for life.

I gave up the idea of conforming to anyone else’s ideals and started to follow what spoke to ME. I’ll give you an example…. You see I love true crime podcasts, but I don’t like watching true crime doco’s! So I don’t fit the “normal” mould of a true crime fan. And that’s ok! Because it’s how I am wired, it’s how the Lord made me.

Understanding brings freedom

Now that I understand these sorts of things about myself I have so much freedom. I’m not bound to live according to someone else’s standards. I’m free to live as the Lord intended – I’m free to live His purpose for me.

How does this relate to art?

The Lord has made each of us creative, and for me, it’s expressed through art. I’m focused on helping others understand themselves through creative expression, so that they can begin to live the life of freedom the Lord intends.

  • If there is something you continue to battle and struggle to move past…
  • If there is a longing within you but you can’t put your finger on what it is…..
  • If you’re tired and want to get off the carousel….

It can be expressed with art. Often the very act of expressing is all that’s needed to trigger an understanding of who you are so the journey to freedom can begin.

Philip Graham Ryken says that

“A creation always reveals something about its creator.”

Philip Graham Ryken

So if you want to know more about who you are, to move into the freedom the Lord has for you, then create. Let me help you on the journey.

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