Lesson Two in the Zentangle Primer

Hi and welcome back to the Chrissie Murphy Designs Blog. Today I am continuing my series of blog posts about my journey through the Zentangle Primer. I’m up to Lesson Two in the Zentangle Primer, so let’s get into it.

Lesson Two in the Zentangle Primer

What is the Zentangle Primer?

It’s a book, and Zentangle’s website describes it this way.

“This book is an “old-world” instructional written and illustrated by founders of the Zentangle Method, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. It is simple in its delivery but with enough information to gently guide the novice, or enlighten the master. It is an instructional companion to The Book of Zentangle and has the same dimensions with 187 pages of step-outs, tangles, and text. Working solely on white tiles with black ink, this book digs deep into the fundamentals of the Zentangle Method and teaches the techniques and tools you need to take your Zentangle practice where you want.”

The book has a series of lessons in it, and this is what I’m working my way through in this blog post series.

Lesson Two in the Zentangle Primer

What is Lesson Two in the Zentangle Primer?

Lesson Two in the Zentangle Primer is about tangling “your next tile”. We were introduced to more concepts and another three tangle patterns;

  • Bales
  • Jetties
  • Shattuck

Jetties introduced the concept of drama. Drama tangles have lots of filled in ink sections, adding lots of contrast and balance to a tile. I loved introducing drama.

We also continued to look at shading to see how it can change the effect of a pattern based upon where it’s placed.

Lesson Two in the Zentangle Primer

What else is there is Lesson Two?

Lesson Two in the Zentangle Primer also contained a number of exercises to try after completing the initial lesson.

There were another three exercises all up and just like Lesson One, they included different types of variations on what was just learned. We continued to explore shading patterns differently. I’m really enjoying this deep look at shading.

We also looked at line weight through varying pressure on the pen as we tangle. These extra exercises seemed to ignite the mind to the limitless possibilities of Zentangle.

Next up?

The next post in this series will be about Lesson Three. Lesson Three in the Zentangle Primer is about “String Theory”. I enjoyed this lesson as well and look forward to sharing it with you here.

Lesson Two in the Zentangle Primer

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